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About Our Project

Provision Corporation has invested years in researching and developing its project, its system software, and establishing a corps of consultants second to none. We have acquired service providers in almost every area of business from energy to office supplies, to help our clients lower their costs, and even recover monies that were unnecessarily misspent. Please see our array of service areas listed on this website. Provision can connect you to the best providers in their area, in every area of business, at a lower rate because of our collectivity of businesses.

Perhaps our greatest asset is our corps of highly professional consultants who are feet on the ground in every area of the country. Our consultants are all 6 figure earners who were top in their industries. Our goal is to blanket the United States with 3,300 consultants before the end of this year. The consultant in your area can sit down with you personally to determine your needs and how best to help you.

Our Offices are located in the heart of the country’s financial center at:

200 Park Avenue
Suite 1700
New York, NY 10166


J. Michael Kafes
 is a financial structured products professional, with an MBA, and 20 years of experience in the field of Mortgage Backed and Asset Backed Securities. Some of his accomplishments include managing and training cash flow modeling teams, interacting with and providing support to the Wall Street clientele of the companies he has worked for, designing the quality control algorithms for the monthly updating of cash flow projection models, creating and supporting a flexible and robust financial reverse engineering platform to facilitate efficient and accurate modeling of Residential Mortgage Backed Securities and Asset Backed Securities.

Michael is currently engaged with Bloomberg’s financial products division, and serves on the governing boards of multiple privately held companies.


Mr. Mayo is former President of GN Netcom, and a former founder and senior executive of Universal Solutions, a leading Lucent Technologies system integrator as well as founder and CEO of Marketshare Telecom, once the exclusive Ericsson distributor for North America. In addition, Mayo was an executive vice president at MCI, WorldCom and SkyTel.

Mr. Mayo has thirty five years of leadership experience working in systems integration as a manufacturer, reseller and enterprise buying decision maker. He has national and international experience in market-building and industry experience in financial services, bio-medical device manufacture, sales, sales management and sales distribution.

Mr. Mayo's franchise development work, performed as a consultant for Dun and Bradstreet, demonstrated the value of building out locally owned but systematically trained consultants ideal for a nationwide coverage option to these manufacturers. Beyond Mr. Mayo's extensive technology background, his franchise development and consulting experience in recruiting a nationwide network of independent contractor sales executives for AT&T solidified his position as a unique and important partner for the company's future.

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