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ProVision Corporation, LLC is dedicated to helping businesses get the most that they can from their business enterprise, by helping them cut overhead costs, expand their resources, recover mis-spent dollars, cut tax liabilities, and become more efficient. Never before has there been a firm who can offer help in every area of a business. Together, Provision and our associate client explore the areas they agree can help them, and Provision will advocate for the business, to bring them the lowest rates for the highest quality, connecting them with the service providers to address these areas. Our advocacy for our client associates, can prove invaluable in reducing costs, personnel, cutting waste, firming up operations and recovering tax monies. No business is too small or too big for our services … from mom and pops to Fortune 100s.

It is Provision’s relationships with top quality service providers that enables us to provide our associate clients the VERY best prices for the highest quality service on everything they use: telephone, energy, financial instrument processing, accounting, payroll, shipping, personnel, customer financing, internet security, advertising and office supplies, to name a few. All of our providers are vetted by us to assure they are the highest quality providers.

Our expert service providers in the area of recovery can make sure no cash or other resources have been left behind. Our cost recovery providers perform their services on contingency and ONLY get paid AFTER our associate recovers the cash. That means you see money back in your pocket before the expert sees anything at all. Where do you find a deal like that these days?

Our efficiency experts address every department of  operation for our associates, that can maximum economy. They, too, only get a portion of whatever they reduce our associate’s costs by.

Because technology and service options are constantly changing, we have included an expanded resources section. We have many unique and truly amazing innovations that most businesses have no idea exist, that will greatly reduce or recover their overhead costs. Our service of connecting you to the proper resource to help you save money, is free of any up front cost to either party. Provision ONLY gets paid when the associate accepts the assistance from the service provider, and a service has been successfully and satisfactorily performed.

Our trained and highly professional Lead Consultants are currently visiting businesses in every major city of the country to offer our advocacy at no cost or risk. We recruit only the highest quality professionals who have been firmly entrenched in business for decades. Some are ex- C-Suite executives from major businesses across America, as well as some seven figure sales professionals from many different industries. We anticipate our hundreds of Lead Consultants will grow to 3,300 high quality consultants in the not too distant future.

We are currently researching and planning our next addition, which will be to work together with our business associates to increase their market share and help them maximize their sales volumes. We need some time to increase the size of our collective of associates before our initial plans in that section will be as effective as we want them to be. Whatever we can do to assist our associates in the success of their project, we will make the ProVision for it.

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