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In these days there are two ways to make money. One is to do more business and the other is to lower the costs of doing business. Provision Corporation can help our clients now with the latter of the two, and will soon be in a position to help with both. We are building the largest collective of commercial entities in all of North America to make the whole process of doing business run more efficiently for all sides of the equation. Many of the larger businesses have created departments to do for themselves what we are doing for our clients, but even they do not have the power of our collective, and why pay employees to do what we are willing to do at no risk or cost to our clients?

Chase, TD Bank, B Of A many of the largest financial institutions have been involved with some of our service providers for years. Our payables/receivables auditors have performed financial audits for institutions with as much as 50 billion dollar annual volume.

Wendys, MacDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell pretty much every fast food chain in America is doing business with one or more of our service providers

Disney, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft major companies are being serviced every day by one of more of our service providers

Chilis, Dennys, Applebees, Ruby Tuesday, Cracker Barrel, Macaroni Grill, Outback all these large restaurant chains rely on one or more of our service providers

Our providers are dealing with municipalities, prisons, schools, golf resorts, government agencies, universities and religious organizations of all varieties

There are major manufacturers, national and international trucking companies, insurance companies (like Farmers and Allstate), major Las Vegas hotels and casinos, large Attorney and CPA organizations who are currently using our selected service providers

Hitachi, SONY, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Yahoo, Facebook, PayPal, Days Inn, DoubleTree, Hilton, Embassy Suites, Hampton Inns, Holiday Inns, Marriott, Sheraton, Home Depot, Lowes, Office Depot, Costco, The Gap, The May Company, Toys R Us, Radio Shack, Piggly Wiggly, Safeway, The Kroger Company

The list goes on and on of popular references that our clients will get from our service providers. Many of our service providers are at the top of their field. Most US businesses (large or small) have done business with one or more of our service providers, and they are all willing to get even more competitive to help you tighten up your own operation. At Provision Corporation, we bring businesses together and make commerce easier for everyone at no risk to anyone. NO ONE, client or provider, pays Provision Corporation one dime up front. Our clients NEVER receive an invoice of any amount from Provision Corporation EVER! FOR ANYTHING! Our service providers take no risk to get access to our clients all they have to be is the best at what they do and willing to lower our clients costs for their quality service. They also do compensate us with a small piece of the income they make serving our clients. But, if they do not deliver greater efficiency, recover overpayments, or reduce the overhead of our client, (at NO risk to our client) then our client would reject them and we would make no income for our efforts. Of course we would also stop introducing them to our clients.

There is NO contract between us and our client, and, thus, there is no obligation on their part to follow our advice. There is ONLY an invitation for any commercial entity (that receives any commercial billing for anything they need to operate their organization) to join our collective as an associate.
SEE OUR INVITATION. Only our professionally trained Lead Consultants are allowed to invite entities to join us. Even though we are pre-launch for the project, we already have hundreds of Lead Consultants in place across North America and we are on our way to having 3,300 trained consultants in place by the middle of 2014. Our goal is to visit every entity of ANY size who pays commercial billing for anything (whether they are large or small profit or non-profit) to give them assistance in lowering their overhead and making them more efficient and helping them to recover valuable resources to help prepare them for whatever is in store for our clients in their economic future.

Please notice in our Invitation (on page 2 Strict Pledge of Confidentiality) that we assure all of our clients that we will NOT reveal them to the public or use them as references or in mailing lists. Imagine 3,300 consultants calling on only God knows how many businesses or organizations throughout North America collectively every day and all of them were giving out your organizations name as a reference. It would not take long for you to regret your decision to become our client.

But, we absolutely can assure our clients that when we refer a vetted service provider, it is because we know they are of high quality and that THEY can provide our client with strong references of other companies they have served of the same or greater size business volume and we are convinced they can reduce our clients existing operating costs while performing an exceptional service. The only exception to this hard, fast, rule (relating to references) is when we are introducing a new technological advancement no one else has, which, in our opinion, our client needs to be made aware of. This will be exceptional, but always well worth the look.

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